Well hello there! My name is Rosa, I am 22 and I live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Currently I am going to school, working, and interning at a middle school. Ultimately I would love to become a counselor. Helping other people through words whether written or verbal or any other form has always been a wonder to me. A passion if you will. Ever since I was about ten I have had a journal, always writing down the milestones in my life no matter how big or small they were. I guess documenting my life has always been a passion too. So naturally a blog was bound to be created. Ohmysweetrose was a nickname given to me by my friend long ago, originally inspired by the song Sweet Rose by Matt Costa. Yes cheesy but I guess that is a small glimpse into our friendship.

Anyways I suppose there really isn’t a theme to this blog, there’s a little bit of that and a little bit of this. Mostly what you will find are some book reviews, some music recommendations, some beauty stuff, some random stuff, some emotional stuff, and some happiness. Always some happiness. 

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