Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ipsy June Glam Bag 2016

                                                                                                                                                   It's here! After about two months of trying out Ipsy I think it is time I start writing some reviews. I find it fun seeing what other people got in their glam bags and reading what they think of the products they received. So why not throw another review/first impression into the mix! 

I think this by far has been my favorite glam bag. I haven't gotten many but this is the first bag that has really excited me about all the goodies in it! The brush is from Royal & Langnickel and it is a crease/smudge brush. I love love the color of it and am really excited to blend my eye shadow with it. It looks promising! *crosses fingers. The little pink bottle you see in the middle is by Delectable and is described as an "everything balm" at first I was really confused on what that meant. The bottle says lips . . . then cuticles . . . then cheekbones and I'm like . . . what the heck where does it go then?? After looking it up I guess it literally does go everywhere. You can use it to nourish split ends or even brighten your dark eye circles. I already tried it on my lips . . . it feels awesome and smells even better. 

First of all . . . the colors to this blush and highlighter are definitely in my color palette. Both have a unique gold undertone that really pops and glows. Which I'm not use to going with more bold things but sometimes it's a must! 

The blush is by Elizabeth Mott the range is called Show Me Your Cheeks (p.s. that is genius and cute!) and it is in the shade Peach Pink. When swatching the product on my had I felt the formula to be nice and creamy and you definitely don't need much to show off your cheeks! The color is well a peachy pink with a gold sparkle. I am going to be wearing this on my cheeks tomorrow no doubt. Also can we talk about that highlighter . . . the picture isn't giving it justice but boy does it glow. It is by Jouer in the shade Tiare. It is a cream highlighter, which is nice for the summer if you want a more dewy finish. I'm excited to try these two together!

Last but not least . . . I think what is my favorite out of all the goodies . . . the Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Lounge. I have one sort of like it but it is a loose powder. I really have nothing much else to say but that this eye shadow gives me life. *throws hands up in the air. 

That is all for right now! I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer and are truly living to the fullest. I'm off to do some more homework and continue to obsess over these products. 

Live freely and remember to hug your loved ones. With so much tragedy in the world it is unjust how quickly they can be taken away from us. Love always wins. 

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