Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lashes for Days

I know I'm not the only one out there on the constant search for the best pair of lashes and eye liner without breaking the piggy bank. Although I have not found the best bullet proof eyeliner yet (feel free to send me recommendations) I think I have found some of the best eye lashes out there. Drum roll please! 

I had never tried these lashes before but they looked very promising so I though I would give them a shot. My go to lashes were the Wispies by Ardell, I don't know if it is just me or not but I think Ardell might have changed the look of them a bit. I remember them being more full and not going from small to longer ratio. I could mix my left with my right and you couldn't tell the difference but now you can. So I guess you could say I was on the hunt for the original Wispies . . .

Although they are not exactly the same the lashes from Salon Perfect in 614 come close to it. These are a bit more lengthier yet not so full . . . they make for a great dramatic subtle look I guess is what I am trying to say. So even if I didn't find my exact dupe for the Wispies . . . I found a gem nonetheless. The packaging does not lie when it says they are lightweight and easy to apply. I could swear you do not feel like you have fake lashes on, they are very flexible and I did not have to cut to size. 

The next pair I also picked up I must say is my favorite so far, they give you the perfect doll eye look. They feel so soft and feather like. The only thing I must say is that is that they are a little thin but . . . then I though why not double them up!? All I can say is . . . PERFECTION. They are on the edge of elegant and feisty. I'm truly excited to try out different styles as Salon Perfect has a nice range of lashes for different occasions. Oh! Also . . . these were only $2.35 . . . Yup you heard right. Their prices range from 
$2.35-$9.. The ones priced higher are sets of four. So I mean if the price is right why not? (My subconscious simply nods her head). I got mine at Walmart I think they might only be sold at Walmart... 

Let me know if you find them anywhere else and your thoughts on any of the lashes sold by Salon Perfect, give them a try I promise you they are worth it!

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