Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer Favorites

It's been quite a while since I've done a favorites/essentials post. A while being since summer started. . . now that summer is technically over I have a good three months worth of favorites. So why not a summer favorites! Can I say summer one more time? Haha, anyways, here are some of the things I used religiously during summer. Enjoy! 


Alright, so I'm not too sure what happened this summer that caused my hair to not cooperate. It has been dry, frizzy, and thinning out by the dozens. Meaning I leave a trail of hair wherever it is that I go. I have no shame in admitting that. I have been trying everything to bring it back to life. Taking vitamins, changing my shampoo and conditioner, oils, sprays, etc. you name it. So far the only thing that has somewhat been helpful is this little yellow bottle. I love that it doesn't leave my hair super greasy but that it leaves it super soft. I've been using this and the L'oreal shampoo for thinning hair and so far that combination has put a stop to the amount of hair fall out.

Well let me tell you about this beauty. . . The Tartelette palette by Tarte has been my go-to palette this time around. The quality is amazing, the colors are unique and work well with each-other. I noticed that even without a primer these colors still stayed on all day and looked exactly the same as they would with a primer on. As you can tell my favorite ones are the ones you can no longer see the logo . . . it happens. For $45 . . . you do get your moneys worth even if it costs you an arm and a toe. . . "anything for good makeup" my subconscious screams. 

This blush once had a very cute design. . . The color is dazzled everyone . . . and it has slight gold accents that add a nice glow to your cheeks! Also by Tarte this 12-hour blush is perfect for summer since ya know, sweat. It passes that test is all I can say. I love deep mauve/berry colors for blush but for summer that color isn't the best choice . . . so I found this perfect in between. Not too dark, not too bright!

Finding the perfect eyeliner has always been a great challenge. I think I'm very close to finding the best one . . . drug store wise. The Physicians Formula Eye Booster is hands down the best. Not only is it long lasting it has a lash boosting serum that helps with the growth of your lashes. If I do say so myself my eyelashes have seemed a little fuller since I started using this product. Now you must be saying what is that little pod there well that would be the great L'oreal gel liner. If you want something extremely long last and budge proof. . . gel is the way to go. Not all gel liners are as promising though. After trial and error this one is definitely the winner. When I know I 'm going to have a long day I use the gel liner to get my base line down and with the Physicians Formula eye liner I go in and sort out all the details and give my wing the sharp edge I love. As for the price . . . $10 each. For two awesome products like these . . . totally worth it.

I've never been a lip-gloss type of girl . . . I'm still kind of transitioning over you could say. Ever since I got a sample lip-gloss by Tarte the quality is completely different than any drug store lip-gloss. I finished the sample, couldn't find the real thing so I did like any other would and substituted. This one is by BareMinerals shade Sassy Sorbet is the closest I could find to the shade I originally fell in love with. As for the formula also great and creamy and not sticky. It is key . . . no stickyness allowed. For $18 I think not bad not bad. I might go buy more (don't tell my wallet that though). Let's not forget chap-stick! My lips have been experiencing somewhat of a drought this summer . . . the solution is that chap-stick. If you are in the same boat I suggest you get your hands on a tube of the total hydration by ChapStick. 

 Alright can't have summer without dry skin can we? Or we can? I think we can, with some body butter and fancy moisturizer of coarse we can. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter is perfect for summer, it will most definitely keep your body moisturized and hydrated all whilst smelling like and island breeze. As for the Estee Lauder cream . . . its magic in a very classy container. Also a sample this cream will have your skin feeling soft soft soft, and comes with SPF 15 and smells like cucumbers. . . Although the full size is on the expensive side . . . I think it might be worth it (again don't let my wallet know that).

Lilicism by Essie. The perfect pastel violet. It looks fresh, simple, and unique. I assure you there is no other color like it. Although the true color isn't quit picking up here I guarantee you'll be in love at first coat.

 Now, for a little something random. I love having candles light up my room and make it smell good, I'm always changing the scents with the seasons, these little candles are from Walmart and only cost $1. They don't last me as long as I would like but it gives me a chance to buy new different ones. This summer I went with Island Waves (pictured) and Wild Honeysuckle.

Of course I have to smell good too. Both of these were gifts so I had no choice but to wear them . . . haha, just kidding my loved ones have great noses so I knew they were going to smell great. The one by Pitbull I have gotten many compliments on, I often get told it smells very fresh and cool with a little outdoorsy touch. Eau So Sexy is by Victoria's Secret and it's awesome to carry in your bag and touch up with throughout the hot day. It has a sort of sweet yet spicy feel. . . I guess that's the sexy essence kicking in. 

What would summer be without sunglasses? This year the 'tortoise' theme was my preferred style choice. Even with my prescription glasses. I don't know, I find that style quite different and eccentric. Both of these I got long long long ago from an Etsy shop. Etsy is a wonderful place to buy awesome fashion statements and quite affordable too. I would check it out if I were you...

Well my sweet reader I guess that's it for now. I'm off to go eat some dinner and do some homework. I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the next one!

See you later.

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