Friday, March 13, 2015


Hello! So it feels like it has been awhile since I've put up a playlist. Fret no longer, here it is. I hope this sorta chilled out yet crazy playlist can get you through the week and spring break . . . hopefully. Enjoy!


Well there you guys go! I hope you enjoy it, I know it's kind of all over the place. And before you say anything . . . I know, I know, I put four songs of Elle King's on there . . . but I swear this girl can sing, I've had her songs on repeat. They are literally my soul in a nutshell. You should really check her other songs out! All great but these are my favorites. Also do you guys enjoy me leaving little descriptions underneath the songs like I use to with my opinion? Or just like this? Let me know! And like always . . . my sweet reader . . . 

I hope this helped in more ways than none.

See You Later.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Nostalgia: A sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time or situation. 

Lately, I haven't really been feeling sad, nor depressed, which are both good things. Progress I say, progress. I've been trying to genuinely focus on the good things. With that said; most of those good things are memories and although I can maybe recreate some of those memories now in due time, there are many I cannot. Those memories I cannot recreate are the ones that have been making me feel nostalgic. It isn't your normal kind of nostalgia either, well depends . . . How long is nostalgia suppose to last? Cause as much as I try to focus on other things, my mind keeps wandering back and causing me this longing that I cannot quite control. 

There's many things that can cause nostalgia. Like the definition says; former place, time, or situation. What the definition does not say is people. Nostalgic feelings often pertain to people as well. Simply because the places you went to, the time you spent, were with people, and it may be that you hardly see that person or you do not live near each other and pretty much all you have left are the memories you shared with them to get you through the days.

I think that is what has been affecting me the most. I once read a quote that went "You can never love someone as much as you miss them". Is it the truth? I am not sure but it certainly feels like it sometimes. When you miss something you aren't really feeling love at the moment, you are feeling something stronger, almost like a pull towards wherever/whoever it is your heart is missing. Nothing ever calms it but time. Even then when time has passed, you still feel it, maybe not as strong but the feeling of a vacant spot in your heart rattles with its echo. 

Often times there is nothing you can do about nostalgia. You pretty much just remember, reminisce, and somehow fight the urge to actually feel sad about it. Because in other words nostalgia isn't exactly about feeling sad. Often joy comes out of remembering. Laughter. Happiness. Yes, there is the side of me that literally wants to break down every time I remember . . . but there is also the other side in which I think "Wow, I'm so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to experience that especially with so and so". Always we must take the optimistic side of things even when they are not so optimistic. 

So all in all try to remember but do not linger too much. And if you are having some trouble with the whole 'not lingering' part just remember that with time new memories are brought, that with time you are reunited with some of those older memories that have you feeling nostalgic. Look forward to your future. Even when you feel soo unsure of it, I promise you there is something even the tinniest thing to look forward to. It could be something so simple like for example; I just got this book about horses and the author lives here in Arizona and finishing that book is my excitement for the days ahead. Set small milestones for yourself, before you know it, you will have so much accomplished and the nostalgia will be buried deep underneath. Well at least that is the plan. Often times I don't follow my own advice and you may ask "Why? It's good advice." Yes, I suppose so, It's hard to hear it from yourself I guess you could say, you think "But you are so weak, yet you speak this talk as if you are not." I put myself down, as I think most of you do when it comes to taking your own advice. When I write things down like this I not only do it for you, but for myself as well. I feel like writing things out makes them real makes them true. (Tis why writing is a great form of art and therapy). So writing all this, makes me feel like yes, I know what to do, I feel sure of myself because I have grown the confidence to let it out into the world. So that's what it is, radiate your energy, positive or negative, both are healthy to express or get rid of. 

Well my sweet reader I hope that helped in more ways than none. Take care, and if you are still feeling a bit nostalgic like I am . . . hug. Hug whoever is closest to you. It helps. 

See You Later.

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