Thursday, February 26, 2015

Miscellaneous February Essentials

 Well, well . . . (Maleficent moment). It's been a good minute hasn't it. I haven't entirely been up to nothing this past month. Today I bring you stuff to look at! I'm nosy in the sense that I want to see this kind of stuff myself. It's a girl thing I guess. But anyways here you go the month of February and its essentials!

 Okay so I've been trying to start some kind of skin care routine for myself for quite awhile now but have never managed to stick to it. This month was different though, I have actually kind of stuck to it. It's not much of a routine but I guess that is for some other time to explain. Anyways one of my staples for this "routine" is the Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer. This moisturizer in little words nourishes my face and leaves it feeling so soft. And it's under 7 bucks! (I think). 

Next item is the Dove Dry Shampoo. Before I say anything else . . . dry shampoo does not replace actual shampoo and doesn't mean it replaces showering either. No, that is not it's purpose. It's purpose is to remove oil and add texture. Some days I go a little crazy on the anti-frizz oil and this dry shampoo takes care of that. Some days I want my hair to have some ruff to it, some texture, a soft sort of messy look. This formula does exactly that. And very well as a matter of fact.

The last product in this little section is lotion! Bath and Bodywork's Pure Paradise. It sorta has this boyish smell to it and yes I know that sounds weird being that it also smells like flowers and fresh fresh air. Point is this smell is to dieeeeee for.

 Nails, nails, nails. I've been wanting to do a separate blog post for these nail polishes but technical issues have occurred. (lol) Anyways I have about six of theses in different shades . . . and in no way am I planning to stop there. The formula in these are amazing! And if you pair it with their Top Coat well let's just say the finished product is divine. This month though the light yet dark grey shade has been my go to. Also the name for these are pretty cool this one is properly titled Ace of Spades.

Makeup is probably one of my most preferred obsessions. This month I purchased the Naked 2 Basics palette by Urban Decay and the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade. Oh man, life changers for sure! Well, mostly the pomade, being that I am not gifted with full luscious brows I need a little help, know what I'm saying? For only 18 bucks this pomade is totally worth it! There's many shades to pick from and even if you think it's a little bit of product . . . trust me it's not, you literally need a tiny tiny bit and poof! Your eyebrows are done. It's safe to say this pomade is going to be in my life . . . forever. Now the palette is great, the formula is matte and it stays matte. To elaborate on that; there's "matte" eye shadows out there that don't stay matte, being that lids are oily or sweaty (yes that's possible). With a primer these eye shadows just stay lovely all day. And these colors well . . . they fit the February feel with all the pinks and purples and light browns for a totally sweet and effortless look. Last but not least is the lipstick! And I literally die for this lipstick . . . I die! It is by Maybeline in the shade 665. (And under 6 bucks!) The color is not pink but it's not purple it's somewhere in between and on top of that it's matte. (I'm sensing a matte theme here). I'm not much of a matte lipstick person being that all the ones I've tried give me dry lips in a few hours. This lipstick does not do that . . . it stays matte yet is creamy and moisturizing in a way. It's hard to explain but the formula is just right. But the color is just . . . there's no other color like it. Oh and the name is Lust for Blush. Which I thought was even more perfect for February, ya know. *wink. But really this color is an all year round color and totally worth it! 


Here's a close up of the eye shadows!

Accessories! Always a must. This month I've been reaching for little statement pieces, nothing too bold or over the edge. A sleek gold/pastel pink watch and a headband of pearls. Things like these add little details to your outfit that say "I made an effort, okay?" 
I think my favorite accessories though would have to be my glasses. Yes, they are a little different, a little bit too big, a little bit out there. Yet subtle and artistic in a way. I absolutely adore them. I got them online at and for under 20 bucks. Yes, prescription glasses for under 20 bucks. It's a break through really, they have this 'your first pair free' special. So you literally only pay for shipping and depending on your eye sight some extra costs. (Like I did cause ya know; BLIND). 

Two things I didn't individually photograph are my new phone case and tea! Both obsessions of mine. Can a girl have too many obsessions? No, right? I'm on a mission to buy and try every single one of Yogi's teas. IT'S A MISSION. And I will complete it. Anyways I've been loving this Honey Lavender Stress Relief one. This month I tried to make it all about no stress, well at least less stress. And frankly this tea puts me right to sleep. I think it has something to do with the Lavender vibe it has. And well my case . . . just look at it. It's so cute. (Yes, I still have the 4s . . . let me be!) Anyways, under all these goodies is a cute lacy polka dotted scarf. It's definitely not for warmth though, definitely for fashion statement. I hate to go with the status quo and be like 'pink and red are the colors for February cause Valentines cause LOVEE" But really this scarf just screams Valentines Day material. Which I hope you all had a lovely one this year! I certainly did with Mr. Grey. *winks *runs away. 

Anyways I hope you all liked this months essentials! I skipped January cause I was just stuck in limbo really. But hopefully next month I'll have another post with goodies that I'm loving at the moment. I call them goodies cause these things make me happy in little ways. Now you all have a good rest of the month and make way for March! Spring is coming! *crosses fingers. 

See You later!

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