Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer Favorites

It's been quite a while since I've done a favorites/essentials post. A while being since summer started. . . now that summer is technically over I have a good three months worth of favorites. So why not a summer favorites! Can I say summer one more time? Haha, anyways, here are some of the things I used religiously during summer. Enjoy! 


Alright, so I'm not too sure what happened this summer that caused my hair to not cooperate. It has been dry, frizzy, and thinning out by the dozens. Meaning I leave a trail of hair wherever it is that I go. I have no shame in admitting that. I have been trying everything to bring it back to life. Taking vitamins, changing my shampoo and conditioner, oils, sprays, etc. you name it. So far the only thing that has somewhat been helpful is this little yellow bottle. I love that it doesn't leave my hair super greasy but that it leaves it super soft. I've been using this and the L'oreal shampoo for thinning hair and so far that combination has put a stop to the amount of hair fall out.

Well let me tell you about this beauty. . . The Tartelette palette by Tarte has been my go-to palette this time around. The quality is amazing, the colors are unique and work well with each-other. I noticed that even without a primer these colors still stayed on all day and looked exactly the same as they would with a primer on. As you can tell my favorite ones are the ones you can no longer see the logo . . . it happens. For $45 . . . you do get your moneys worth even if it costs you an arm and a toe. . . "anything for good makeup" my subconscious screams. 

This blush once had a very cute design. . . The color is dazzled everyone . . . and it has slight gold accents that add a nice glow to your cheeks! Also by Tarte this 12-hour blush is perfect for summer since ya know, sweat. It passes that test is all I can say. I love deep mauve/berry colors for blush but for summer that color isn't the best choice . . . so I found this perfect in between. Not too dark, not too bright!

Finding the perfect eyeliner has always been a great challenge. I think I'm very close to finding the best one . . . drug store wise. The Physicians Formula Eye Booster is hands down the best. Not only is it long lasting it has a lash boosting serum that helps with the growth of your lashes. If I do say so myself my eyelashes have seemed a little fuller since I started using this product. Now you must be saying what is that little pod there well that would be the great L'oreal gel liner. If you want something extremely long last and budge proof. . . gel is the way to go. Not all gel liners are as promising though. After trial and error this one is definitely the winner. When I know I 'm going to have a long day I use the gel liner to get my base line down and with the Physicians Formula eye liner I go in and sort out all the details and give my wing the sharp edge I love. As for the price . . . $10 each. For two awesome products like these . . . totally worth it.

I've never been a lip-gloss type of girl . . . I'm still kind of transitioning over you could say. Ever since I got a sample lip-gloss by Tarte the quality is completely different than any drug store lip-gloss. I finished the sample, couldn't find the real thing so I did like any other would and substituted. This one is by BareMinerals shade Sassy Sorbet is the closest I could find to the shade I originally fell in love with. As for the formula also great and creamy and not sticky. It is key . . . no stickyness allowed. For $18 I think not bad not bad. I might go buy more (don't tell my wallet that though). Let's not forget chap-stick! My lips have been experiencing somewhat of a drought this summer . . . the solution is that chap-stick. If you are in the same boat I suggest you get your hands on a tube of the total hydration by ChapStick. 

 Alright can't have summer without dry skin can we? Or we can? I think we can, with some body butter and fancy moisturizer of coarse we can. The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter is perfect for summer, it will most definitely keep your body moisturized and hydrated all whilst smelling like and island breeze. As for the Estee Lauder cream . . . its magic in a very classy container. Also a sample this cream will have your skin feeling soft soft soft, and comes with SPF 15 and smells like cucumbers. . . Although the full size is on the expensive side . . . I think it might be worth it (again don't let my wallet know that).

Lilicism by Essie. The perfect pastel violet. It looks fresh, simple, and unique. I assure you there is no other color like it. Although the true color isn't quit picking up here I guarantee you'll be in love at first coat.

 Now, for a little something random. I love having candles light up my room and make it smell good, I'm always changing the scents with the seasons, these little candles are from Walmart and only cost $1. They don't last me as long as I would like but it gives me a chance to buy new different ones. This summer I went with Island Waves (pictured) and Wild Honeysuckle.

Of course I have to smell good too. Both of these were gifts so I had no choice but to wear them . . . haha, just kidding my loved ones have great noses so I knew they were going to smell great. The one by Pitbull I have gotten many compliments on, I often get told it smells very fresh and cool with a little outdoorsy touch. Eau So Sexy is by Victoria's Secret and it's awesome to carry in your bag and touch up with throughout the hot day. It has a sort of sweet yet spicy feel. . . I guess that's the sexy essence kicking in. 

What would summer be without sunglasses? This year the 'tortoise' theme was my preferred style choice. Even with my prescription glasses. I don't know, I find that style quite different and eccentric. Both of these I got long long long ago from an Etsy shop. Etsy is a wonderful place to buy awesome fashion statements and quite affordable too. I would check it out if I were you...

Well my sweet reader I guess that's it for now. I'm off to go eat some dinner and do some homework. I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for the next one!

See you later.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A In Your Heart Kind of Book

Well it's been awhile but I thought what better way to get things moving than with a little book review! Going back to my last book review I noticed that this book and that book have one thing much in common. Suicide. You all must think I'm trying to throw some kind of signal for help but I assure you I'm as happy as can be. Picking up this book and reading the synopsis I thought hmm . . . this book sounds like it carries a good message. I'm all for the books that are raw and blunt. This is one of those types of books.

In few words as possible the story pretty much follows Finch and Violet, two high school students struggling with their own "messed up life". Finch and his ever changing moods and corrupted family and Violet dealing with the loss of her sister. Both you could say are mentally and emotionally exhausted. They meet at the edge of the school roof top where both where thinking of ending their life. From there on one saves the other and through out the book they are on a mission to explore the state of Indiana as a school assignment is well assigned. . . Finch is bold, bright, daring, adventurous, impulsive, and spontaneous. Violet on the other had is timid, shy, afraid, stern, introverted, and well broken. Now you might think these personalities clash . . . but I assure you if anything one compliments the other rather well. Finch to me is someone so strong Violet I'm sure thought so too. He was the one who ultimately saved Violet. But . . . as Violet's life seems to be getting itself back together it seems like Finch's is going down a spiraling path. 

The book is written in both Finch and Violet's point of view. A lot of books do that now a days and I am yet not tired of that sort of style. If anything it's my favorite part of a book when it is written in such way. You literally feel like you are in that characters head. In the case of this book . . . it's a beautiful thing and it is a very sad thing to wander through such minds.  

Overall this book taught me to live life every day like you might not have another but it also taught me to live life as if you will have many more days to come. It really did inspire me to venture out, be bold, be bright, be myself. And to appreciate all the wonderful people that surround me with their never ending love. This book is sensitive. It is sad. It is even scary. Scary in the sense that you have front row seats to everything and you are not quite sure your heart can stand another chapter without being torn. But you will be unable to physically put the book down . . . So encourage your heart to travel through these pages as afterwards it will collapse and need some time to rest and evaluate everything it just went through. You will think about this book, you will think about Finch, and you will think about Violet. You will never forget them. 

The author Jennifer Niven truly put her experiences and heart out there. An author that does such thing is surely never to fail at making their reader feel, admire, and fall in love with the touch of words. I commend her for that for I have fallen in love once over and over at the end of each sentence.

In conclusion . . . read the book. Read it. Reeeeeeaaaaad it. Read it! 

Here are some little phrases and quotes that stood out and made me feel something.

"But the great thing about this life of ours is that you can be someone
different to everybody." -Finch

"I remember her smile and her laugh when I was my best self and she 
looked at me like I could do no wrong and was whole. 
I remember how she looked at me the same way even when I wasn't.
I remember her hand in mine and how that felt, as if something and someone belonged to me." -Finch

"You have been in every way all that anyone could be . . . If anybody
could have saved me it would have been you." - Virginia Wolf

See you later.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Hello! So it feels like it has been awhile since I've put up a playlist. Fret no longer, here it is. I hope this sorta chilled out yet crazy playlist can get you through the week and spring break . . . hopefully. Enjoy!


Well there you guys go! I hope you enjoy it, I know it's kind of all over the place. And before you say anything . . . I know, I know, I put four songs of Elle King's on there . . . but I swear this girl can sing, I've had her songs on repeat. They are literally my soul in a nutshell. You should really check her other songs out! All great but these are my favorites. Also do you guys enjoy me leaving little descriptions underneath the songs like I use to with my opinion? Or just like this? Let me know! And like always . . . my sweet reader . . . 

I hope this helped in more ways than none.

See You Later.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Nostalgia: A sentimental or wistful yearning for the happiness felt in a former place, time or situation. 

Lately, I haven't really been feeling sad, nor depressed, which are both good things. Progress I say, progress. I've been trying to genuinely focus on the good things. With that said; most of those good things are memories and although I can maybe recreate some of those memories now in due time, there are many I cannot. Those memories I cannot recreate are the ones that have been making me feel nostalgic. It isn't your normal kind of nostalgia either, well depends . . . How long is nostalgia suppose to last? Cause as much as I try to focus on other things, my mind keeps wandering back and causing me this longing that I cannot quite control. 

There's many things that can cause nostalgia. Like the definition says; former place, time, or situation. What the definition does not say is people. Nostalgic feelings often pertain to people as well. Simply because the places you went to, the time you spent, were with people, and it may be that you hardly see that person or you do not live near each other and pretty much all you have left are the memories you shared with them to get you through the days.

I think that is what has been affecting me the most. I once read a quote that went "You can never love someone as much as you miss them". Is it the truth? I am not sure but it certainly feels like it sometimes. When you miss something you aren't really feeling love at the moment, you are feeling something stronger, almost like a pull towards wherever/whoever it is your heart is missing. Nothing ever calms it but time. Even then when time has passed, you still feel it, maybe not as strong but the feeling of a vacant spot in your heart rattles with its echo. 

Often times there is nothing you can do about nostalgia. You pretty much just remember, reminisce, and somehow fight the urge to actually feel sad about it. Because in other words nostalgia isn't exactly about feeling sad. Often joy comes out of remembering. Laughter. Happiness. Yes, there is the side of me that literally wants to break down every time I remember . . . but there is also the other side in which I think "Wow, I'm so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to experience that especially with so and so". Always we must take the optimistic side of things even when they are not so optimistic. 

So all in all try to remember but do not linger too much. And if you are having some trouble with the whole 'not lingering' part just remember that with time new memories are brought, that with time you are reunited with some of those older memories that have you feeling nostalgic. Look forward to your future. Even when you feel soo unsure of it, I promise you there is something even the tinniest thing to look forward to. It could be something so simple like for example; I just got this book about horses and the author lives here in Arizona and finishing that book is my excitement for the days ahead. Set small milestones for yourself, before you know it, you will have so much accomplished and the nostalgia will be buried deep underneath. Well at least that is the plan. Often times I don't follow my own advice and you may ask "Why? It's good advice." Yes, I suppose so, It's hard to hear it from yourself I guess you could say, you think "But you are so weak, yet you speak this talk as if you are not." I put myself down, as I think most of you do when it comes to taking your own advice. When I write things down like this I not only do it for you, but for myself as well. I feel like writing things out makes them real makes them true. (Tis why writing is a great form of art and therapy). So writing all this, makes me feel like yes, I know what to do, I feel sure of myself because I have grown the confidence to let it out into the world. So that's what it is, radiate your energy, positive or negative, both are healthy to express or get rid of. 

Well my sweet reader I hope that helped in more ways than none. Take care, and if you are still feeling a bit nostalgic like I am . . . hug. Hug whoever is closest to you. It helps. 

See You Later.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Miscellaneous February Essentials

 Well, well . . . (Maleficent moment). It's been a good minute hasn't it. I haven't entirely been up to nothing this past month. Today I bring you stuff to look at! I'm nosy in the sense that I want to see this kind of stuff myself. It's a girl thing I guess. But anyways here you go the month of February and its essentials!

 Okay so I've been trying to start some kind of skin care routine for myself for quite awhile now but have never managed to stick to it. This month was different though, I have actually kind of stuck to it. It's not much of a routine but I guess that is for some other time to explain. Anyways one of my staples for this "routine" is the Clean & Clear dual action moisturizer. This moisturizer in little words nourishes my face and leaves it feeling so soft. And it's under 7 bucks! (I think). 

Next item is the Dove Dry Shampoo. Before I say anything else . . . dry shampoo does not replace actual shampoo and doesn't mean it replaces showering either. No, that is not it's purpose. It's purpose is to remove oil and add texture. Some days I go a little crazy on the anti-frizz oil and this dry shampoo takes care of that. Some days I want my hair to have some ruff to it, some texture, a soft sort of messy look. This formula does exactly that. And very well as a matter of fact.

The last product in this little section is lotion! Bath and Bodywork's Pure Paradise. It sorta has this boyish smell to it and yes I know that sounds weird being that it also smells like flowers and fresh fresh air. Point is this smell is to dieeeeee for.

 Nails, nails, nails. I've been wanting to do a separate blog post for these nail polishes but technical issues have occurred. (lol) Anyways I have about six of theses in different shades . . . and in no way am I planning to stop there. The formula in these are amazing! And if you pair it with their Top Coat well let's just say the finished product is divine. This month though the light yet dark grey shade has been my go to. Also the name for these are pretty cool this one is properly titled Ace of Spades.

Makeup is probably one of my most preferred obsessions. This month I purchased the Naked 2 Basics palette by Urban Decay and the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade. Oh man, life changers for sure! Well, mostly the pomade, being that I am not gifted with full luscious brows I need a little help, know what I'm saying? For only 18 bucks this pomade is totally worth it! There's many shades to pick from and even if you think it's a little bit of product . . . trust me it's not, you literally need a tiny tiny bit and poof! Your eyebrows are done. It's safe to say this pomade is going to be in my life . . . forever. Now the palette is great, the formula is matte and it stays matte. To elaborate on that; there's "matte" eye shadows out there that don't stay matte, being that lids are oily or sweaty (yes that's possible). With a primer these eye shadows just stay lovely all day. And these colors well . . . they fit the February feel with all the pinks and purples and light browns for a totally sweet and effortless look. Last but not least is the lipstick! And I literally die for this lipstick . . . I die! It is by Maybeline in the shade 665. (And under 6 bucks!) The color is not pink but it's not purple it's somewhere in between and on top of that it's matte. (I'm sensing a matte theme here). I'm not much of a matte lipstick person being that all the ones I've tried give me dry lips in a few hours. This lipstick does not do that . . . it stays matte yet is creamy and moisturizing in a way. It's hard to explain but the formula is just right. But the color is just . . . there's no other color like it. Oh and the name is Lust for Blush. Which I thought was even more perfect for February, ya know. *wink. But really this color is an all year round color and totally worth it! 


Here's a close up of the eye shadows!

Accessories! Always a must. This month I've been reaching for little statement pieces, nothing too bold or over the edge. A sleek gold/pastel pink watch and a headband of pearls. Things like these add little details to your outfit that say "I made an effort, okay?" 
I think my favorite accessories though would have to be my glasses. Yes, they are a little different, a little bit too big, a little bit out there. Yet subtle and artistic in a way. I absolutely adore them. I got them online at and for under 20 bucks. Yes, prescription glasses for under 20 bucks. It's a break through really, they have this 'your first pair free' special. So you literally only pay for shipping and depending on your eye sight some extra costs. (Like I did cause ya know; BLIND). 

Two things I didn't individually photograph are my new phone case and tea! Both obsessions of mine. Can a girl have too many obsessions? No, right? I'm on a mission to buy and try every single one of Yogi's teas. IT'S A MISSION. And I will complete it. Anyways I've been loving this Honey Lavender Stress Relief one. This month I tried to make it all about no stress, well at least less stress. And frankly this tea puts me right to sleep. I think it has something to do with the Lavender vibe it has. And well my case . . . just look at it. It's so cute. (Yes, I still have the 4s . . . let me be!) Anyways, under all these goodies is a cute lacy polka dotted scarf. It's definitely not for warmth though, definitely for fashion statement. I hate to go with the status quo and be like 'pink and red are the colors for February cause Valentines cause LOVEE" But really this scarf just screams Valentines Day material. Which I hope you all had a lovely one this year! I certainly did with Mr. Grey. *winks *runs away. 

Anyways I hope you all liked this months essentials! I skipped January cause I was just stuck in limbo really. But hopefully next month I'll have another post with goodies that I'm loving at the moment. I call them goodies cause these things make me happy in little ways. Now you all have a good rest of the month and make way for March! Spring is coming! *crosses fingers. 

See You later!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A In Your Head Book

There's so much to say about this book, like so much . . . like so much that I'm probably going to end up not saying much. (That happens when too many thoughts attack my brain). Oops! Anyways I'ts Kind Of A Funny Story by: Ned Vizzini has easily become one of my favorite books for many reasons. Although a warning label should come with the book, why? You ask . . . Well being that this book is about depression and occasionally other psychological problems (anxiety, self-harm, suicide thoughts) it is important you are strong enough to read it? I feel like that's not the proper wording for it but in my eyes I feel like that's what I should have been, a little stronger before reading it. I guess I should explain even further cause I'm not making sense. *oops face

When I picked this book up and read the synopsis I thought; Perfect! At the time I was feeling really depressed, (I'm sure you all remember my absence and sadish posts) well during that time I didn't do much not even watch TV, listen to music, or socialize much. All I wanted was to be away, from everything, to distance myself from the outer world . . . and what better way to do that than to read a book and envision other things in your head. All I wanted was a book that was going to make me feel less lonesome. This book made me feel like I wasn't the only one going through it not less lonesome if that makes sense.

See the thing is that this book is the truth, this book doesn't sugar coat anything when it comes to mental health. Everything is  in the perspective of Craig, a depressed, anxiety filled, suicidal thinking kid. Who is too harsh on himself, having the worry of school and a successful future constantly on his mind. Eventually leading him to a stay at a psychiatric hospital. Since it is in Craig's perspective you always know what he's thinking, what he's doing, because of this I found myself mimicking his actions. (As if I weren't already kind of depressed this book made me more depressed . . . is what I'm trying to say) I'm not saying that is the intent of the book, the point is to share a story, a story based on a real story, a story that let many people they weren't alone. The author Ned Vizzini who also spent time in a psychiatric hospital wrote this also in awareness, so people know how serious mental health is. With vulnerable words and some humor tossed in there he did a great job at it. 

So in conclusion this book was amazing, the bluntness of the story and scenarios were perfect, the humor was exactly where it needed to be. My only advice is don't go seeking comfort thinking Craig is going to help you, because this book is not for that purpose, this book is Craig getting help . . . you just have front row seats to it all. So if you are feeling depressed or sad or just not yourself, seek help. Go to family, friends, or in serious cases straight to the hospital. (Suicidal thoughts are a medical emergency). Other than that this book is great in getting a close perspective of depression and so forth. Ned Vizzini paints a perfect picture to it all.

See You Later.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline : 1 (800) 273-8255

Monday, January 19, 2015


I'm not really going to say much about this weeks playlist. I'm just going to let it speak for itself and let it try and get me through my first week of school. Try (keyword).

Well that ended up being a longer playlist than I thought. But all songs I think are greatly needed, even the spanish ones. They are a little out of my comfort zone but have true meaning behind them. 

I hope you all enjoy and let me know which songs you liked or if you've already listened to them. 

See You Later.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Currently it is 10:11 PM, as I start to write this I don't really know what I'm going to say, I don't know. But I do know that I feel anxious, and feeling anxious is something I know too well. And I'm pretty sure others do too . . . so why not write about it. 

Anxious : full of mental distress, uneasiness because of fear of danger or misfortune. Greatly worried. 

Don't lose your cool, don't lose your cool. I keep repeating to myself. I'm about to lose my cool . . . not that I had any to begin with. I guess you could say many things can trigger anxiousness . . .  a new job, trying new things, things you're kind of afraid of, and well anything that you are not comfortable with/like/know/not not not. Anything you aught not done. (Beautiful English, my teachers would be so proud). As well as other things, these are just sort of my triggers, as well as being around a bunch of people, but that leads more towards social anxiety. 

I guess I'm anxious about school, I always feel quite out of place with school. Constantly keeping my head above water and always barely managing not to drown at the end of the semester. Even then through out that semester there's times I go under and it takes a while to come back. I check out I guess you could say. I don't know what happened, somewhere along the way school just stopped being for me. Still I go along trying to find that spark I started with that excitement, but all I'm really left with is the pressure of my parents and their dream of me being some extraordinary scholar. OKAY. 

I know I'm probably going to end up being that member of the family that lives off in a different country and only seen during the holidays. And when asked about me my family will probably make up some wonderful story how I'm off traveling the world researching psychological inadequacies. But really the only inadequate thing is me. And every time they tell that lie a little part of them will crush knowing really all I did was fail at the dream they envisioned. It sounds harsh I suppose but for a long time now whenever I'm asked where do you see yourself in ten years that is the picture that crosses my mind. Although their dream is crushed, mine will not be, because living off in another country doing what I dream of . . . well at least I'll be happy? 

That sounds really negative but in due time my hope is to find some middle ground with my parents. In the meantime the anxiousness of school still exist and let's not forget the terror of it as well. 

I guess all I can say is when you feel this way, don't lose your cool, and if you do make sure you do it in the comfort of your own privacy. We all know anxiety attacks are not the prettiest or nicest. People who have them, myself included, know how lethal it can be for the people around us. Afterwards is when you seek help, when you run to the comfort of your best friend, sister, or whoever brings you comfort.This is important, never hold anything in, even if it's through the means of writing . . . do it! Holding things in is in plain words toxic for you. 

Wake up, knowing the sky has seen brighter days and things are not permanent. Some days are just grey, and it's up to you on how you deal with them, but deep down we all know the right ways, our trouble is deciding whether to follow them or not. So you fight it. Fight off the negativity, fight off the bad pictures you draw in your head, fight off everything that doesn't help you move forward. Fight it as hard as you can, because when it's time to leave this earth you want to know you fought for what you wanted and what you believe in. And the importance in everything is to believe in yourself. I'm not saying this is what I've accomplished but I am saying this is what I wish and hope to accomplish. 

Remember, not everything worth having is easy. Not even inner peace with yourself. So don't ever think you are alone with this little war inside your head. Odds are every one has a little war going on in their head too. 

Well, this kinda made me feel better. Still more anxiousness will come as the day to start school is right around the corner. Wish me luck!

And as always; I hope this helped in more ways than none.

 See you later.

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