Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Miscellaneous December Essentials

Okay, bare yourselves sweet rose petals cause this is going to be quite a different post. Well, that you are use to anyways, I as well am excited and nervous! But here goes!

So I thought it would be a good idea to gather up some miscellaneous items in which I have been using through out the month of December . . . so that is what I did! Through this little bunch of picks I kept in mind that maybe since I used them so much during this month and they worked incredibly well for me maybe they too can for you. :) 

The first essential you see is a candle! But not just any candle . . . A Blueberry Pancakes candle. This scent is one I buy all year round but something about the "winter" time makes it my first pick. That and any Coffee scented or Vanilla Peppermint. Mmmm there's also this Pecan one that smells really good, but overall anything BLUEBERRY.

What would December be without the need of something moisturizing. Now you must be wondering 'Wild Citrus Sunflower' isn't that for like summer? Technically yes . . . but I'm a little strange in the sense that sometimes I like to remember what summer smells like during the winter. A wonderful body lotion from Bath and Body Works nonetheless.
Moving on to the St. Ives body scrub. This is literally my secret for clean fresh skin. During the colder months my skin is quite dry therefore this scrub takes off that dead layer of skin that is not very glamorous whatsoever. (There is also other versions of this scrub depending on your skin / What you are hoping to achieve with it).

I think my lips suffer the most during December. During this month these were my go to lip products for sure. The EOS vanilla mint balm, Vaseline lip therapy, and for the more fancier days the L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in the shade Nourishing Nude. All these products are heaven for my lips, but I do use them under different circumstances. Obviously the Colour Riche Balm is a tinted balm, nude, with some shimmer to it. (Perfect) Vaseline lip therapy is definitely for severely chapped lips and the EOS one is for moderately chapped lips. 

Tea!!!! I'm obsessed all year round . . . there's no denying that. But during this month I think my favorite would have to be this one by Yogi. It smells great, tastes great, makes me feel all warm inside, and the sweet inspirational quotes that come on the little tag add the extra sparkle. Yes, I'll go with that . . . sparkle. 

Last but not least, my poetry journal, a good pen, and a book. For a while now I've really been wanting the Sharpie Pen, don't ask, but boy is it an amazing pen. A good cup of coffee or tea and a sitting with my journal on cold afternoons are always desired. Also a good read, currently I'm reading A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. So far so GOOD. (I see a book review in the distance)....

And lastly what would cold winds be without a good ol' infinity scarf to tie everything together. This is my choice; navy with subtle white. Also not mentioned above is the Organix cocunut milk. (The image somehow deleted from my SD card, oops). This oil is not only good for dry hair but it's great in nourishment. Meaning longer hair I'm on my way! Also Anti-Breakage, that is always a plus. 

Anyways I hope this sort of post sat well with you guys, let me know what you think. I hope you all enjoy the last days of this year. Be safe!

And as always I hope this helped in more ways than none. 

See you later.

Monday, December 1, 2014


I have a feeling this might be one of the most themelessless playlist I might ever make. But that's okay, sometimes we feel that way, like we have no exact us with us all the time. in a good way of course. This is one of those times.

Okay, well there's some country in there, some pop, indie, acousitc, and who knows what else. Hopefully something you like. But pretty much these have been my go to songs the past two weeks. . . I don't know, I've been feeling a little weird I guess. In a good way though. Anyways I'm thinking next blog post will be a little emotion to pick away at then, weekly essentials, then maybe another book review, then maybe a little somethin' different. :)
I hope you are all doing well!
See You Later.

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