Sunday, November 23, 2014

A In My Dreams Book

I've been meaning to do a book review on this book for so long now that I nearly almost just forgot. (Hold your applause, please there's no need). But seeing it there on my shelf I thought you know what it's now or literally never . . . so I picked up my camera threw the book in a bush and snapped a picture of it and so here we are. Book review! 

Tiger's Curse is the first book out of the series by Colleen Houck. Before I get started I need to "fangirl" for a moment as you say. I feel a deep connection to this book simply because if I where to write a book I feel like it would run along the lines of this one. I remember being half way through when I just stopped reading in amazement and therefore in need of air. My sister was in the room at the time so she didn't know whether to call for help or let my moment pass. She let it pass and I told her "this book is in my head right now."  I am just now realizing how traumatizing all of that kind of was . . . sorry sister, I'm very sorry. Of course my ideas are different, I guess what I'm trying to say is the style of writing, fiction, the whole one day you're normal the next day you're on some crazy mission ordeal. That's a in my dreams book. 

Anyways now to get to the actual book. Basically this book will swoon you. It will intrigue you, it will confuse you, it will occasionally anger you. It will definitely scare you and unease you. There are two (three) main characters Kelsey and Dhiren a.k.a. Ren. (By far the sexiest name ever given to a main character if you ask me). ... Kelsey a naive young girl looking for work luckily finds a temporary one at a circus. She gets to do many things but the coolest of all is she gets to help out with a tiger called Ren. Mhm . . . that main character Ren. From then on it's all in due time that she finds out about the curse. And boy is that curse a whirlwind. This part of the book I admire so much simply because the author put so much amount of work into detail. The way it all plays out, it's perfect. Kelsey finding out, the explanation, the quest. Kelsey is the one to help break the tiger's curse. See what I mean one day you're normal the next day you're the chosen one. (I'm still waiting for a tiger to show up at my door . . . no pressure though). 

I don't want to give away all the things that are exciting to find out about. So I will say this, once everything is out in the open the rest of the book takes place in India. Most of the time the jungles in India. And if you can just imagine being on a quest with a beautiful ferocious white tiger at your side fighting off all sorts of magic and mysteries all whilst throwing a little romance in there. This book is something you dream of and wish you would wake up to in real life. 

Now the ending of the book, is harsh, hurtful, painful to read, and watch play out in your head. I cried, I very much cried. Let's just say you want to shake a certain character till they realize a certain something. The quest continues on to the next book properly titled Tiger's Quest. This book was the simple and the easy even if it seemed it wasn't at all that. What comes next, well let's just say what comes next does not compare. 

If you've read the book let me know what your thought on it are! 

See you later.

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