Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Are you calling yourself a sheep? No, I am not. Are you calling me a sheep? Ye . . . No, I am not. Do you feel sheepish? Yes, I kinda do and you maybe do too.

Sheepish - embarrassed or bashful, as by having done something wrong or foolish. 

When I read the definition of this emotion, I couldn't quite fully understand it. Grasp the idea of it. So what I think of, the best I can think of it, is to envision this emotion as a shy little sheep that is self conscious about everything it does and no matter what, it feels more than embarrassed than it should. But the little sheep just can't help it. So it hides away, in any way it can, behind the bushes, behind trees, laying down in tall grass, behind other sheep, even underneath its own generous amount of fur. The feeling of this? An endless amount of goosebumps, occurring at random. 

Before I start off saying anything, it is only fair you know that I, on a daily basis, am doing foolish/awkward/weird/questioning things through out my day, let alone life. All which make me feel terribly embarrassed. Me overcoming this emotion has certainly been a thing to conquer. In a certain aspect I have. I have completely accepted the fact that I'm going to be this awkward butterfly for the rest of my life. But I have my days in which I feel like everything I do is just under a big microscope, under deep evaluation, judged by many, and the pressure of that makes me feel like goose-bump nation and frankly that makes me want to stay away, stay away away from everything and anything.  

Feeling sheepish is being embarrassed of your own shadow because it's this or that or it does this or that. Any excuse you make up for feeling sheepish is not good enough. That's what you have to keep in mind, anything your negative self says to frail insecure you is a low blow therefore it is disqualified and not enough. Don't feel insecure or shy about doing what you want, don't think of the results . . . no wait, that's bad advice. Think of the results, for safety reasons but don't over think them for any other reason. *pats back. 

I, more than anyone understands how precious alone time can be or how needed. I understand. Sometimes I use more of my time hidden away, more than I should. I know I'm missing out on whatever I'm missing out on at the moment. I know it. And still it's not enough to bring me out of my little shell. Being sheepish isn't such a bad thing, at least that's what I tell myself. Because in a way it really isn't, it might be just as simple as a different definition for silly or goofy. (The aftermath of those feelings of course). But it sure can keep your from experiencing certain things that eventually turn in to some pretty good memories. 

So next time you're feeling a bit sheepish . . . just remember, goosebumps eventually fade away and they aren't a permanent occurrence. You can shake off the embarrassment, emerge from the shadows of your own comfort and go out there. Conquer your goals and fears. The little sheep was eventually shaved naked, so there is proof one can't be sheepish forever. One can overcome, accept, and walk on on with their head held high not giving any judgement a second thought.  

I hope this helped in more ways than none my sweet reader. 

See You Later.

Embarrassment and art go together. If you’re not willing to be humiliated, your art’s probably too fucking boring.
— Wayne Coyne

Monday, June 2, 2014


It's been a very laggy Monday. Yes, I know that is not a word but you all know exactly what I mean. Anyways, I can sense this week is going to go by beyond slow. Not only because I am counting down the days but also because it just simply has that feeling of forever. For that reason this weeks playlist has to be entertaining, up-beat, and fun. Enjoy.

Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters
I don't know what it is about this song that just makes me sing along and feel so groovy while doing so.
Believer - American Authors
Dance. You know you want to.
Reflections - MisterWives
Her voice is butter. The beat demands your hair to be let down and just enjoy this song completely.
Maybe I Might - General Fiasco
Let me just first say that this is one of my favorite bands if not my favorite. Mostly all of their songs are worth listening to. Really they are. This on in particular will have you jumping and forgetting every worry you might have had at the moment.
Nobody's Perfect - Jessie J and Vince Kidd Duet
This song will have you pumped. Woah, look at me using that kind of language. But really, pumped.
A Little Bit Stronger - Sarah Evans
It's country, and it's about heartbreak. But I can't help but feel that this makes me feel a little bit stronger about everything else.
Riptide - Vance Joy
This makes you tap your foot and shimmy and wiggle. 
Brave - Sara Bareilles 
If you haven't heard this song yet, my my, you're missing out. This will literally boost your self-confidence like no other! Definitely one to dance to when no ones looking. *wink wink 

Lyric Hunt.

I better shut my mouth, I better go inside, I better bite my tongue, It's getting hard to decide where this soul went wrong. Catch up it's been too long. 
Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do when they settle ‘neath your skin kept on the inside and no sunlight sometimes a shadow wins

See You Later.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Sweet Vacation

Hi! How are you today? It's a Sunday, so you must be feeling lazy. I don't blame you it happens. It's happening to me right now actually and I'm enjoying it at full force! 

Okay, enough of the awkward intro. A vacation? Yes, a very much needed vacation! Exactly a week from today I will be on my way to Mexico! I'm truly excited for this trip, as for I haven't been there in about 8 years. I can't wait to see my family as I can't wait to have little adventures with my family. I'm planning to stay there for about a month . . . with that said. I am not completely going to be gone for a month of course I will try to post every now and then. I don't know how well the internet connection might be so bare with me sweet peas. I also am trying to be away from technology once I'm over there, I really want to just experience the vacation without much social media, I need to get away away away. A vacation is a vacation for a lot of things, and I think if you're going to go you should be there 100% no half here half there. Ya get me? 

Anyways, I just wanted to share that bit with you all as it is a huge huge thing for me. I'm so excited! Currently my room is a mess with the whole packing thing, that I am not so excited about. But I will conquer the suitcases, I will.

See You Later.

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